【DUTY ZERO by cdf – Farewell the Energetic Summer with Exclusive Stunning Sale🌴】
30 Aug, 2019

Take a retrospective look at the past summery days 🏖 – how have you spent the bright days in a memorable fashion? Have you enjoyed the sunshine🏄? Have you traveled to your dream destination🌏? Don’t get frustrated if you haven’t! Grasp the chance by coming to DUTY ZERO by cdf to enjoy a 50% discount upon purchasing two bottles of selected wines 🎉! 
The best way to farewell the beautiful summer is… enjoy wonderful discounts and taste fine wines🥂!!

🥃 Bellevoye BLANC 70CL 40%
🥃 Cognac Delamain COGNAC AIGLE XO 70CL 40% 
🥃 Mount Gay Rum BLACK BARREL 1000ml 43%

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