【Kweichow Moutai】UpsurgeMoutai Year of Dog Special Edition, Moutai Du Fu Memorial Edition, Moutai EXTRA
04 Jan, 2019

Don’t miss out for Year of Dog - the Kweichow Moutai Year of Dog Special Edition!

Bringing forth the blessing and guardiancy of men’s best friends, this edition has a special place in terms of art and wine collecting. Packaged with traditional Chinese paintings and calligraphy, this grand edition is meant for passing on blessing and fortune. Each Kweichow Moutai takes over 5 years to prepare and hence, makes it so rare and special. Here is the last chance to collect yours at DUTY ZERO by cdf before the turn of the year!

For the Chinese New Year, DUTY ZERO by cdf collects different Chinese baijiu for you to spend the holidays together. The Chinese baijiu is especially precious in Kweichow Moutai. Among the Chinese baijiu, only the liquor produced in Maotai Town can be called Moutai. In fact, only the liquor produced by Guizhou Moutai Co., Ltd. can be named as Moutai, and the rest can only be called Maotai Town Liquor.

Introducing two new upscales of Kweichow Moutai

- Maotai National Wine Collection Du Fu Memorial Edition: Named after the poetry master Du Fu, and pays tribute to Chinese literature and shows the close relationship between poetry and wine. It is only available in DUTY ZERO by cdf among the Asia-Pacific airport.

- 53 degree Kweichow Moutai EXTRA: Formed by a 10-year-old winemaker's heart and was limited to the duty-free pipeline.

 Both are highly recommended for your collection box. Come to DUTY ZERO by cdf and get yours for the CNY!